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S.R. Foils Limited
SR Foils

Mr. Rakeshh Gupta - Chief Managing Director and founder of the company, is a management expert. His will to acquire knowledge on any subject that comes his way, is by far worth appreciating- be it from heavy marketing strategies, innovation in production technologies or as varied as entertainment and sports.

From studying market trends and keeping in mind the new emerging retail scenario he ideates his every move with panache. The values generated by him have helped give direction to the gradual progression of the brand. Very motivated and enthusiastic, he has himself worked with his marketing team to create a revolution in creating India's largest selling aluminum foil, not to mention his business and logistical acumen, which has helped the group, grow all over the world.

Mr. Rishi Gupta - Joint Managing Director and Co-founder of the company, is a science graduate. He has acquired extensive technical skills, thanks to his work experience and interest in modern technology.

Always in touch with international trends and innovations his key forte remains - product designing. Exploring new frontiers of creativity be it in aluminum, tissues or cling film, his out- of- the- box ideas and keen eye for detail exude vibrancy and keep the steady inflow of great innovative products into the company.

Aluminium Foil :- Homefoil Rolls, Homefoil Jumbo Rolls, Homefoil Disposable Dish (Tray), Homefoil Chapati Wrap & Cut Sheet
Clin Wrap Cling Film :-Clean Wrap Rolls, Clean Wrap Jumbo Rolls
Mistique Tissue Range :-Face/Cosmetic Tissue, Paper Handkerchiefs, Kitchen Towel/Wipes , Tissue Napkins / Serviettes, Tissue Paper Roll, Wet Tissue, BRANDS
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