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Published on Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 22:24
Source : Moneycontrol.com

CNBC-TV18's Emerging India Awards were given away on Wednesday at a glittering ceremony in Macao.

Mercator Lines-Singapore was awarded the global business entrepreneur of the year award while Jindal Agro Processing was crowned the small business entrepreneur of the year. And the big award of the night-SME of the year was won by SR Foils & Tissue as well as the best performing SME in retail trade segment.

Most promising SME in the infrastructure space was awarded GPT Infra Projects along with the SME with global reach title while the best performing SME in the auto and engineering field was given away to Flash Electronics India.

Best performing SME in the IT and ITES space was awarded to A1 Future Technologies and Emm vee Toughened Glass bagged the best performing SME in power and telecommunications space.

The best performing SME in the life science space was given to Advanced Enzyme Tech while the mid corp company of the year was awarded to Champion Agro along with the most socially responsible SME of the year. The most tech savvy SME of the year was MSN Laboratories and the most innovative SME of the year was GEI Industrial Systems.

Aanjaneya Lifecare was awarded the green business award of the year.

The government should devise ways and means to provide funds at cheaper rates of interest to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), said Rakeshh Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director of S.R. Foils & Tissue Ltd., the winner of the sixth edition of the "CNBC TV18's-Emerging India Awards 2010" in two different categories.
SR Foils
S.R. Foils & Tissue, a pioneer company engaged in the manufacturing of aluminium foil products and tissue paper products, has been awarded as the "Best SME of the year" and also as "Best Performing Retail Trading Company of the year".

Rakeshh Gupta, in an interview with SME Times gives his views about the challenges (that SMEs are facing now a days) and the suggestions (to overcome of that). Excerpts of the interview...

SME Times: Firstly congratulations for winning CNBC TV18's-Emerging India Awards 2010 in two different categories. Rakeshh Gupta: Thanks.

In your opinion what made S.R. Foils & Tissue Ltd. the Best SME of the year?
Rakeshh Gupta: A unique business model incorporating manufacturing of raw material and making products for consumers on World class machines and then distributing the same pan India through a network of stockists, supported by the company's sales-persons has given us this opportunity to be selected as the Best SME of the year.

What are the biggest challenges that SMEs are facing now a days?
Rakeshh Gupta: Many challenges are faced by SMEs today - the main being resourcefulness in terms of ability to organize, better equipment, elite manpower, have PR in media and organize media to support sales volumes. All the above is possible only with Capital availability, which is a big constraint with SMEs.

How did you overcome these challenges to become the best?
Rakeshh Gupta: All the resources were organized within the limitations that we faced. We had to choose where to spend and we chose to use a lot of our resources on Brand Building. A huge support in this direction also came from BCCL as we were Treaty Partners with them.

How do you see the government's role in helping SMEs to counter these challenges?
Rakeshh Gupta: The government is providing cheap finance to Large Scale Industries and they also have access to Public money. The government should devise ways and means to provide funds at cheaper rates of interest to SMEs.

You have also won the award for Best Performing Retail Trading Company of the year. In your view which one is the best marketing strategy that takes the credit for this achievement?
Rakeshh Gupta: Focus on brand building and making the products available at every nook and corner so that a potential customer can get access with ease has worked very well for us. A continuous effort in R&D activities in terms of new packaging designs, lower cost of logistics and an increase in volume of trade to bring down margin percentage are a few efforts we have taken to give the customer value for money. All these exercises on a regular basis has won us the award for Best Retail Trading of the year.

How difficult was it to win this award with so many big brands operating in the same field?
Rakeshh Gupta: It was not very difficult as most big brands are not owned by SMEs.

How important is branding for SMEs? Your views.
Rakeshh Gupta: Brand acceptance is a certification from the consumer towards the product. This endorses that he trusts our product in this category. Our Brand also ensures to the consumer that the Brand Promoter is placing a lot of importance to provide a well packaged quality product that is placed as per the expectations of the Brands image. The better the Brands image the more it sells and vice a versa. Since our product belongs to the FMCG category, Brand Building plays a very important role. As mentioned above the BCCL Treaty became our vital tool in Brand Building.

Your message to SMEs to stay ahead of competition.
Rakeshh Gupta: Since the resources are limited, it is very necessary to use them and distribute them in the required field depending on the nature of business.

What would you like to tell the government to make SMEs more competitive?
Rakeshh Gupta: As mentioned earlier, availability of funds is a major constraint for SMEs, and they should be made available easily and at a lower rate of interest to eligible SMEs.

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