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Aluminium Foil
SR Homefoil
SR Homefoil - India's largest selling aluminum foil since 1993 is a very hygienic medium for wrapping, storing, covering, sealing and baking of food products.
Clean Wrap Film
Nothing protects food better! Crystal clear food grade cling film, now with a dispenser preserves fresh foodstuff especially raw meat, poultry, cheese, fruits and vegetables.
The Mistique range includes facial tissues, kitchen rolls, napkins and wash room rolls that are made up of super soft, highly absorbent two ply tissue paper ..
SR Foils SR Foils
SR Group are manufacturers of India's largest selling Aluminium Foil - Homefoil, Clean Wrap - Cling Film and Mistique Tissue Paper Products. Recently SR FOILS and Tissue Ltd. won the prestigious Emerging India Awards for Best Performing SME in Retail, Trading & Other Services and Best SME of the Year Award.
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Tissue Manufacturer, Foil Manufacturer, Aluminium Foils Containers, Disposable Aluminium Foils, Aluminium Foils Storage, Household Aluminium Foils, Household Foil
Aluminium Foil :- Homefoil Rolls, Homefoil Jumbo Rolls, Homefoil Disposable Dish (Tray), Homefoil Chapati Wrap & Cut Sheet
Clin Wrap Cling Film :- Clean Wrap Rolls, Clean Wrap Jumbo Rolls
Mistique Tissue Range :- Face/Cosmetic Tissue, Paper Handkerchiefs, Kitchen Towel/Wipes , Tissue Napkins / Serviettes, Tissue Paper Roll, Wet Tissue, BRANDS
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