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Clean Wrap Jumbo Rolls
SR Foils

» Clean Wrap - cling film "Nothing protects food better!"·
» Superior quality cling film stretches and clings to container, sealing and preventing spillage.
» When covered with Clean Wrap kneaded dough does not turn black.
» Cakes, bread and sandwiches remain soft and fresh. Cut meat and fish can be wrapped and stored in refrigerator.
» Now available with an attached, easy-to-use cutter device that reduces wastage.

Clean Wrap Jumbo Rolls

SR Foils
SR Foils

Clean Wrap Cling film
600m x 300mm- (12 inches)
Code: B5CY600
600m x350mm- (14 inches)
Code: B9CY14
600m x450mm-(18 inches)
Code: B10CY18
600m X150mm (6 inches)
Code: B4CY600
Case Pack : 6

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